Transform any tire, tubeless or inner tube, in a self sealing tire.

Why choose tubeless conversion?

-written by Dan Maziul, FREERIDER Magazine Editor

The MTB bicycles industry has developed a whole lot since 1970, when they were brought to life by their creators – Gary Fisher, Tom Ritchey, Joe Breeze and Charlie Kelly. The specificity of MTBs was back then as it is now, their studded tyres for off-road. However, even though they act much better on rougher terrains, they still have weakness. When you feel that you can conquer the world, you get a flat tyre instead.

To escape this issue, the “Tubeless” technology was invented. This refers to the tyre’s capacity to function as well as (or even better) without an inner tube installed. Just like cars.

However, a bicycle equipped with tubeless tyres and rims by default is much more expensive than a tubed one. The good news is you can make a conversion and transform the regular wheel in a tubeless one.

However, a bicycle equipped with tubeless tyres and rims by default is much more expensive than a tubed one. The good news is you can make a conversion and transform the regular wheel in a tubeless one.

Why should you do this?

By converting to tubeless, you obtain all the advantages of tubeless tyre at a much smaller price. Practically you won’t need to buy any other rims or tyres which are tubeless; it is enough just to buy a “Tubeless conversion Kit”, which will help you transform “regular” wheels in to “tubeless” wheels.

Less flat tyres

This is basically the main advantage. The goal of a tubeless tyre is to get ZERO flats. It is a quite achievable goal. The flat tyre solution from the tubeless conversion kit, which you introduce in your tyre, seals almost instantly any perforation that appears when a flat occurs.

Comfort and better adherence

when climbing, it is usual to drift, especially when the ramp is big and the terrain is crumbling. A less inflated tyre will offer a higher contact surface with the ground, and hence, a better adherence. Also, on a more technical trail, a tubeless tyre will greatly reduce the vibrations coming from the ground. You can therefore ride faster and more comfortably.

Safer turns

a regular tubed tyre must be inflated more in order to avoid “snake bite” type flats. Harder wheels, however, meand a lower adherence to turns or brakes. Tubeless converted tyres can be inflated at lower pressures, without feeling any disadvantages. The advantages are evident: reduce the risk of snake bite flats, obtain a better adherence on turns, allowing you to take the turns with higher speeds.

Reduced weight

the tubeless conversion implies eliminating the tube out of the equation. It is true that you add other components instead (the rim tape, the self-vulcanizing solution), but overall, you are taking out a higher weight than you are adding.

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Way Of The Champion

Bogdan Duca’s experiences in his career ass a professional cyclist. Emotional moments, some hard one, have brought Bogdan to his current high performance.

Winner of the National Marathon Cup 2019

Winner of the Triad 2019

3rd Place at the National Marathon Championships 2019

3rd Place at the National XCO Championships 2019

2nd Place at the National XCO Championships 2018

Winner of the National Marathon Cup 2018


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Fakir Is Recommended By Our Customers’ Experience

“A solution you need at competitions or on the long road. From our experience, we have found that the safest solution against a flat tyre is using the product Fakir LTX. One of the advantages of using is the quick and perfect sealing of the flats. Another aspect would be the product’s efficiency in any season, maintaining the perfect sealing. Our experience with this product started last year at the first edition of Bucovina MTB competition, where we have used and recommended the product to all the competitors. At the moment, the members of our association all use this product with great trust.”

“In 2016 a friend which owns a store in my town had recommended Fakir as a more accessible option for my budget back then. Here we are in 2020 and I still use Fakir successfully, without any doubt, in all National and International competitions. From my point of view, the quality-price ratio that Fakir offers is invincible in comparison to the other products on the market. More clearly, in 5 competitive season I only had 3 real flats and hundreds of wholes in my tyre instantly sealed and observed only when changing the tyre. If this didn’t convince you, the only option left is to try Fakir yourself and appreciate the efficiency and quality of the product. Happy pedaling!”

“Since our first year of foundation we have chosen to associate with and using only strong, valuable brands. Fakir is an important part of our preferred brands and obviously we use it either for performance or just cycling for recreation and hobby. Fakir never disappointed us, actually it has replaced completely the traditional brands of tyre sealants from abroad that we worked with before finding and testing Fakir. We use Fakir both in home competitions and abroad competitions, and some members of our teams have used it in the famous competition Absa Cape Epic from South Africa! BikeXpert Racing Team uses and highly recommends Fakir!”

“One of my biggest fears I had when riding through the mountains with the bicycle was getting a flat tyre. Not the flat itself was stressful, but the fact that I had no extra tube in case of a new flat. Now in Romania there is a tyre sealant that seems to be the best on the market. You can also find it as a complete conversion kit. The only thing left to do is add wings to the bicycles. No more flats!”

“My first contact with Fakir was in 2016. And I’ve remained with them since then. I haven’t felt the need to change the tyre sealant brand. I had many adventures with the bicycle on the off road, but since 2016 no more flats. One time Fakir had to try harder to seal a pretty large cut in the tyre, but it managed to solve that as well, even if only temporary. It is true that the tyre was compromised and thrown away afterwards, but Fakir helped me arrive home safely. Along with the fact that the solution really works, I am so happy it is produced here in Romania by peoplewe know, who really love what they do and are very involved in promoting cycling.”

“In the present all the members of our team participate at national level competitions with their tyres equipped/prepared with Fakir Tyre Protection. This aspect can make a real difference in a competition, therefore we consider Fakir an ally in our results in the competitions.”

“We have been using Fakir LTX since its appearance on the market. We can say that is more than good, it is excellent. We, in Dobrogea, have a huge issue with the weed called Tribulus Terrestris. Fakir LTX survived tens of thorns, speaking of a single bicycle. There were cases when it sealed wholes made by nails, thumbtacks, wires, etc. It works well with both tubeless and with tube tyres.”

“Fakir, a trustful ally!

Cyclists from Galati recommend Fakir. Why? It’s simple: who doesn’t know about Tribulus Terrestris should never encounter them! They are present in a lot of places in our region, including over the Danube, through the beautiful mountains of Dobrogea where we organize the biggest event dedicated to cyclists – MACIN Mountain Fun. We haven’t got rid of the scary thorns of the Tribulus weed, but we have the best antidote for our tyres – Fakir.”

“My story begins long ago, so far long, when tyres had tubes and you would get flats until you got bored, and, after getting bored, you would still get three more flats. Since then, thing got a bit clearer, life made it somehow that I met Valentina and we began collaborating, each with what he knew best: I got flat tyres, she made solutions for preventing or instantly repairing them. This is how the white Fakir with latex appeared, the killer of flat tyres.”

“High quality product, comparable (or even better than) to the biggest and most popular brands in the industry. After three season and over 60 MTB contests, I can say that I have managed to get through without any major problems, without having to call for an exterior help. I RECOMMEND IT!”

“I’ve been using Fakir for 4 years already and I never had any disappointing experiences.

I use the latex version for sealing tubeless tyres, but I’ve been using it successfully on tube tyres as well.

From small to large wholes and even cuts, which normally were sealed harder, but with success, I haven’t had any problems.

It stays in a liquid state for a sufficiently long time period, even in thin tyres. All of my clients were pleased by the product.”