Transform any tire, tubeless or inner tube, in a self sealing tire.

Additional Information

FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION (FKR04) is a specially designed formula for industrial vehicles’ tyres which need extra protection in extreme operating conditions. The product is for tubed or tubeless tyres of military field vehicles, industrial vehicles (backhoe loaders, industrial vans, construction vehicles, mining vehicles, lifting vehicles, loaders) , which move with a speed < 50 km/h and face a high frequency of flat occurrence (operating is usually done OFF-ROAD).

Contains aramid fibers which are also used in bulletproof vests.


By extending the tyre’s lifespan, you will save money allocated to buying new tyres.

Maintains a constant pressure at the prescribed regime value, which leads do a substantial bettering of the tyre’s operating regime.

Reduces unforeseen stopping time.

Reduces the reparation costs.

Reduces the labor costs for mounting/unmounting tyres in the field (excessive heat can cause the tyre to weld on the rim, resulting in hours of work spent in trying to free the tyre from the rim, often leading to the deterioration of the tyre and rim).

Use the recommended dosages depending on the type and size of the tyre, which you can find on the lateral marking of the tyre.

INSTALLATION: Installation is done quick and easy through the valve’s opening using the installation pump, without needing to completely deflate the tyre.