Fakir Tyre Protection FKR03 for ATVs – 480 ml

Tyre sealant for tubed / tubeless tyres of ATVs.

Usual dosages per tyre: 480 ml – 600 ml. (Determine the exact dosages for your tyre type by consulting the DOSAGES section).

Product Description

FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION (FKR03) is a specially designed formula for Motorcycles’/Mopeds’ tyres which travel with speeds > 50 km/h and face a frequent occurrence of flats. The movement of this vehicles is mostly done on the driveway.

Contains aramid fibers which are also used in bulletproof vests.

Dosage Calculator

  • ATVs
    (recommended FKR03)

FAKIR Tyre Protection

- select a category -

ON DRIVEWAY - developed road.

OUTSIDE DRIVEWAY - undeveloped roads, exposure to multiple perforations/extreme conditions.

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