Tubeless Conversion Kit 25 mm

Fakir Tubeless Conversion Kit for bicycles transforms the classical tubed system in to a tubeless one. The kit contains the elements necessary for converting two tyres.

Instructions for use are available.

Product Description


An advantageous method of converting the current tubed tyres in to a tubeless one.

Offers superior protection against flats.

Reduced weight.

Greater comfort and adherence.

Regime pressure is lowered.

No risk of snake bite flats.


2 x FAKIR-LTX, 125 ml

1 x Fitting solution with applicator cap, 30 ml

The fitting solution is applied on the edge of the tyre (on the bead heel) before assembly. The solution enables the complete and easy laying at an inflating pressure of 1.5 bars.

2 x Removable Presta Valves, conic base

1 x Rim Tape (10 m, for 2 tyres)

1 x Valve cap extractor

The cap extractor can be later used as a valve cap.

1 x Presta Valve adaptor

To be used whem the compressor has an auto valve grip system (Schraeder).

The TUBELESS CONVERSION KIT contains images regarding application and use (verso).

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