Slide SCOOTERS Transform any tire, tubeless or inner tube, in a self sealing tire.

Additional Information

Two special formulas were created for scooters that meet the same functional requirements – permanently sealing perforations made by object with a 4 mm diameter. These products are used for prevention.

FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION-LTX, a natural rubber micro-particle latex based product, with low viscosity, especially recommended in competitions due to the high sealing speed (under 5 seconds). For efficient sealing, we recommend adding fresh sealer every 6-8 months.

FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION-FKR01, an ECO product based on aramid fibers, also used in the manufacturing of bulletproof vests, dispersed in a gel-type matrix. It presents a higher viscosity. This version is recommended especially for recreational cycling, with a higher lifespan inside the tyres (at least 2 years).

The WE ARE ELECTRIC COMMUNITY uses and strongly recommends Fakir!

Quick and easy method to seal perforations of up to 4mm in diameter.

Contains premium stabilizers for a lengthy resistance.

It is a formula destined for tubed or tubeless bicycle tyres, from any brand, type or size.

Effective protection from -30 degrees C to +70 degrees C and in extreme conditions (water, ice, mud).

High compatibility with the pressure regime (15 psi – 100 psi).

Compatible with CO2 cartridges.

Use the recommended dosages depending on the type and size of the tyre, which you can find on the lateral marking of the tyre.

Dosage can be determined easily, using the dimensions (in inches) marked on the side of the tyre:

FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION-LTX: B [inch] x D [inch] x 1.162 = Dosage [ml]
FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION-FKR01: B [inch] x D [inch] x 2.593 = Dosage[ml]

, where B – tyre width; D – tyre diameter.

If a frequent occurrence of flats is projected, the quantity should be supplemented with at least 20% more Fakir (multiply the resulting dosage by 1.2)

Example: For a 2 x 8 tyre, the dosage is:

2 x 8 x 1.162 ~ 20 ml, for FKR-LTX

2 x 8 x 2.593 ~ 40 ml, for FKR01

INSTALLATION: Installation is done quick and easy through the valve’s opening

FKR is inserted in the tyre using the applicator cap. Installation instructions are available on the product’s label.