Transform any tire, tubeless or inner tube, in a self sealing tire.

Additional Information

FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION (FKR03) is a specially designed formula for commercial vehicles’ tyres which travel mostly on the driveway. The product is for tubed or tubeless tyres of commercial vehicles with small gauge (vans, campers, TVs, etc.) or large gauge (high capacity trucks, buses, tow-trucks, trailers, etc.), which move with a speed > 50 km/h and face a moderate frequency of flat occurrence.

Contains aramid fibers which are also used in bulletproof vests.


Ensures the elimination of 80-95 % of driving on flat.

Economical efficiency proved at auto park level by evaluating maintenance costs for tyres, before and after using FKR.

Decreases the risk of usage / destruction of the tyre mounted halfway on a flat.

Reduces the risk of explosion by preventing overheating.

Reduces the risk of tread take-off.

Compatible with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) hermetically encapsulated.

Use the recommended dosages depending on the type and size of the tyre, which you can find on the lateral marking of the tyre.

INSTALLATION: Installation is done quick and easy through the valve’s opening using the installation pump, without needing to completely deflate the tyre.

FAKIR&GO is a formula specially designed for repairing the tyre after the flat occurs if it was not equipped beforehand with the preventive product (FKR03).

The reparation of the tyre is done without being necessary to dismount it, eliminating the discomfort of dismounting and replacing the tyre. The stopping time is reduced to at most 10 minutes.

The investment is minimal (sealant for one tyre, when needed).

You will feel safer having one bottle of FAKIR&GO which you can use when the flat occurs!

The spare tire is now an old memory!



  • Introduce FAKIR&GO in the tyre through the valve.
  • Restore the pressure.
  • Drive… and your journey continues!

Use according to the sheet.