Installation Pump

Manual aluminium pump for installing FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION.

For inserting the FKR sealant in the tyre use the manual aluminium pump equipped with a transparent PVC hose with polyester insertion.

The pump is calibrated in 8 units (8 x 30 ml = 240 ml; 1 unit = 30 ml).

Product Description

After use it is recommended to clean the pump according to the below procedure to prevent the jamming due to fiber consolidation, fact that would hinder the free flow of the sealant. Without the cleaning, the fiber congestion could block the pump.

Remove the pump from the container and place it in a bucket of water;

Press the pump’s handle several times;

Remove the pump from water and continue pumping until the complete elimination of water.

When emptying a container, the immediate transfer to another container does not need a cleaning of the pump.

When not using the pump, but it is left mounted on the container for a longer period of time, the pump should be cleaned as described above.

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