Tyre sealant for tubed / tubeless tyres of motorcycles and mopeds.

Usual dosages per tyre: 180 ml – 300 ml.

Product Description

FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION (FKR03) is a specially designed formula for Motorcycles’/Mopeds’ tyres which travel with speeds > 50 km/h and face a frequent occurrence of flats. The movement of this vehicles is mostly done on the driveway.

Contains aramid fibers which are also used in bulletproof vests.

With Fakir Tyre Protection, the journey is safer!

  • Prevents and solves IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY flats occurring due to perforating objects of up to 6 mm in diameter.
  • Efficient for both tubed and tubeless tyres.
  • Containts organic inhibitors which protect the wheel’s metal parts (rims, cord, valve).
  • Compatible with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) hermetically encapsulated.
  • Tyres must be inspected periodically to remove any possible foreign object.
  • Does not interfere with conventional reparations (caps or patches).
  • Efficient in the extreme thermic regime.

Usual dosages per tyre: 180 – 300 ml. (Use the recommended dosages depending on the type and size of the tyre, consulting the DOSAGES section).

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